Flag Quiz #11

What independent sovereign once flew this flag over part of the present United States and where?

Answer to previous flag quiz - California.
California's "The Bear Flag Republic" was an independent republic that never had a government. On June 14, 1846 -with encouragement by Major John Fremont of the American military - 33 men raised the Bear Flag in Sonoma, California, declaring independence from Mexico. Fremont arrives June 23, with 60 American soldiers to help take command. By mid July word reaches California that the United States is at war with Mexico and the Bear Flag is replaced with the Stars and Stripes.
The Bear Flag was designed by William Todd - nephew of Mary Todd Lincoln. The red star was an imitation of the Texas Flag and the Grizzly Bear, in those days, was common to all of California.

Answer: The six flags that once flew over Texas: Spain, France, Mexico, Texas, Confederate, U.S.

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