Carrolton to Bud's Place

Wednesday, November 17
Though the day was grey, it was dry and I would arrive at my friend’s home by its end. For a second day I did not have to push my cart and I appreciated the break. The hills are growing both numerous and steep as I continue east and will eventually become the Appalachian Mountains of Pennsylvania. The number two concern of my entire trip has been weather. I have been blessed to this point and come-what-may I have no reason ever to complain. Like always - I will take it one day at a time.
Before leaving Carrolton I stopped for an interview by the “ Free Press Standard,” a weekly newspaper covering the local area. Again - nice people.
Continuing down Route 43 unemcumbered by the cart - my walk to Amsterdam was a most enjoyable experience. The sun came out in late afternoon only adding to the scene and I soon arrived at Bud’s door.
One change of note since I last lived in this area has been the influx of the Amish. The are now here in large numbers and horses and buggies abound.

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  1. Ray, I love the pictures. The landscape and the people it is a treat. Thank you for sharing your journey.