Love, Appreciation, and Fond Farewells

Saturday, November 13
With mixed emotions I will say goodbye to Crestline, Ohio. On one hand - it has been good to rest and recuperate, rekindle old friendships, and to have the opportunity to speak in the public schools. On the other hand - it is always sad to say goodbye. I am particularly thankful to Mike and Kathy Anatra for hosting my stay and trying their best to "fatten me up" for the road yet ahead. To the many others I also owe appreciation - I say, "Thank you for welcoming and wishing me well."

As previously stated, I grew up in Ohio and as such have relatives that live in the Buckeye State. This afternoon approximately 20 family members came from far and near to show their love for me and support for my endeavors. We had a wonderful reunion and luncheon, and for me - it was emotionally moving. To all I say - "Thank you and know that I love each and every one of you."

Having expressed my appreciation and fond farewells, I will begin east tomorrow for Jefferson County, Ohio - an area of rolling hills along the upper Ohio River. It is here that I spent my childhood and it will be good to visit and reunite with others before the final stretch toward the Atlantic.


  1. It is so neat that you were able to do this, and I know those friends and relatives loved seeing you too!! I hope the road ahead it filled with the warm feelings of loving and being loved!!

  2. Ray, you are in our thoughts daily as the days grow shorter and colder. I've been really enjoying your history lessons and have saved them all. I hope you'll be home soon. Be safe. Louise

  3. Ray, you are doing something I have only dreamed about. To travel this wonderful country by foot allows one to appreciate that which we have. Maybe one day I can "follow in the footsteps" of those before me and gain a special understanding that comes only to those who slow down and take the time to marvel at that which is around them. Best of luck, be safe, and stay warm.