Flag Quiz #12

What independent sovereignty once flew this flag over part of the United States and where?

Answer to previous flag quiz #11 - The Confederate States of America, more commonly known as "The Confederacy" or "The South," were 11 states of the United States that chose independence from the United States based on an interpretation of the 10th Amendment, or "States Rights." Obviously the underlying reason was the issue of slavery. This resulted in America's most costly war in its history with over 600,000 lives lost and a resentment that lingers yet today.
Note: This flag was the first of three flags that were used by the South before the War's conclusion. Many people commonly confuse the red "Stars and Bars" as the flag of the Confederacy but this was merely a battle flag.
There are 13 stars on the "Stars and Bars." The two extra stars represent Kentucky and Missouri that had representation in both governments due to divided allegiances of their population.

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