My First Snowfall

Saturday, November 27
I left Ligonier before daylight hoping to get an early start on what was to be a long 12 miles to Jennerstown. Though the temperature was in the 20’s and the snow began falling - everything was fine until I hit Laurel Ridge Mountain. It was a several mile climb straight up with no switchbacks. As I slowly but steadily continued gaining elevation the snow increased in its intensity and began to stick on an already frozen ground. By the time I reached the summit I was quite cold and tired. Hauling my cart up the mountain was no easy matter and going down would prove just as difficult. With 160 pounds pushing me from behind, it was a tricky affair descending the snowy slope. My primary goal was to not slip and be run over by my cart. If this snow does not melt immediately - my traveling will become most difficult.
On the positive side - I arrived at a motel in Jennerstown in time to watch the Ohio State/Michigan football game - a classic rivalry for those interested in such things. As a graduate of Ohio State - I am one.


  1. The steep climb, with or without snow, would be a challenge with your heavy cart. Many following this blog have experienced your determination and admire you for doing this. Not much longer, your goal is so close!

  2. So close. Keep up the good work.
    We Eugenians are all cheering you on.
    Wising you safe, warm travels in the days ahead.
    Lisa Bateman