The Grimes Family

I do not wish to digress into past personal history but feel it necessary to share just a bit about my childhood and my relationship with the Grimes family.
As a child, my father was the stable rock in our family and unfortunately for all - he died after a long struggle with a brain tumor. After his passing my twin sister and I were left adrift in what today would be called a severly dysfunctional family. Bud’s mother and father, with eight children of their own, took me under their wing and allowed me to become the ninth child. Looking back from an adult’s perspective, the generosity and love they shared is almost unbelievable and it is a debt I can never repay. I love his family as my own and though I have lived in Oregon for 32 years - Bud and I have always stayed in contact. I feel this is important for the reader to understand as I stop to stay and share with my friend for now 46 years.

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  1. You have "repaid" with all the children you have taught and mentored over the years. My heart is touched that you found a wonderful other father. So glad you are able to stop and visit him on this journey of yours. Have a great visit!!!!