"Buckeye Blooms" Farm

Thursday, November 4
Each step forward now seems to leave autumn further behind and I can almost feel winter in the air. The trees have shed their autumn canopies and the geese continue their migrations reminding me that I, too, should dally not, for I have a long road yet ahead. With this in mind I left Van Wert in the morning and continued east on Route 30.
After a long but uneventful day I turned off the main road and began looking for a place where I might camp for the night. Emboldened by the cold and rapidly approaching darkness I walked up a farm driveway and asked permission to camp. Like all previous experiences, I was welcomed and after pitching my tent, I soon found myself in a warm kitchen sharing food and conversation with the owners. John Studer, a retired teacher, and his wife Kay run a oranic farm business growing chemical free flowers. My wife, Cynthia, was raised on a farm and and based on many commonalities as a couple, I felt we could easily be friends if we lived in the area. The Studers graciously offered me a room for the night but as I wished to leave early in the morning, I chose to sleep in my tent.
Tomorrow I would be heading toward Crestline, Ohio - my first real destination.

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