Indian Creek Junior High

Thursday, November 18
Today I will be speaking at Indian Creek Junior High School in Mingo Junction, Ohio. Though I did not attend this particular school, it is now the middle level school of the former school district of my childhood. As such - it represented a homecoming of sorts.
Another uniqueness of the day was that it was to be my first all-school assembly. Middle schoolers in a gym on hard wooden bleachers are a much tougher audience than small groups in a classroom setting. I had my work cut out for me if I was to keep their interest as I talked about the Constitution in a gymnasium.
I did it.


  1. Ray-

    I have a request. Please use your Iphone and video record one of these events and post it I would love to share your words with my children.

    Please keep up the great work. I love this country and our freedoms. I am so glad you are carrying the torch for so many of us.

  2. Hi Ray-

    Sorry for two comments in one day but I just noticed we have past the 100 follower mark. Yea. We were stuck at 99 for so long. This group of 100+ will remember for a very long time what you have done.

  3. Well of course you did it. You're the coolest, best teacher ever! Any student who didn't like one of your lectures is a ding-bat!

    ---Margaret Hibdon

  4. I think we past you today. We were traveling from MI to NJ. We got to Summerset, PA and the radio said heave traffic on the turnpike. We got off the turnpike at Summerset and took Highway 30 all the way to Breezewood. I think we passed you on Highway 30 right around Reels Comers town. It was about 3pm roughly. You were pulling a cart with two American flags and on the side it said "Walk Across America" on the side. I could barely read it as we sped by you. Kind of cool though if that was you. Good luck and take it easy.