In Leon, Iowa

Thursday, October 7
I am currently in Leon, Iowa and have decided to stay another day. I am quite tired, I am in a nice room, and my feet could use the rest. I have decided on an unusual answer to the road issue in Iowa and will write more tomorrow. I have to now go find something to eat and climb to the top of the town hill so my phone reception will work and I can call my wife.
Until tomorrow.


  1. Congrats on making it across another landmark--Interstate 35! :) That's the freeway that would take you down here to San Antonio.

    By chance, have you published your future route plan? I'm curious if you'll pass nearby Nauvoo, Illinois. It's a beautiful little town even now, but at it's peak in the early 1840s it rivaled Chicago for the largest city in Illinois. As you're surly aware, it was founded by the Mormons and was the city from which they were forced to leave on their own muddy march across Iowa and the Great Plains on their trek toward the Salt Lake Valley.

  2. Ray,
    Wow! 43 miles the other day! Unbelievable! I think of you as our Ohio nights have gotten chillier and hope that the weather holds for you for as long as possible.

    In regards to the incident with the gentleman giving you the $100, it restores hope in humanity and just warms the heart beyond words, doesn't it? :) I would have been crying too, for such an act of generosity to a total stranger.

    Best wishes for safe travel and good weather.