Flag Quiz #10

What independent sovereignty once flew this flag over part of the present United States and where?

Answer to Quiz #9 - Texas.
Texas was an independent republic from 1836 to 1846. Mexico had never recognized Texas independence during those years and threatened war if the United States annexed it. In addition, Northern interests did not want another slave state entering the Union - particularly Texas. President James Polk was an expansionist and basically sent Zachary Taylor into Mexican territory to start a war - which he did and Texas joined the United States.

Can you name the "six flags over Texas" meaning the six independent sovereigns that once flew a flag over Texas at one time or another in its history?

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  1. The six flags over texas are: Spain, France, Confederacy, Mexico, Texas and the U.S. What can I say? Great Texas history teacher in 7th grade and of course I went to the theme park probably 50 times as a kid...