Thwarted by Wind and Tornadoes

Tuesday, October 26
I am spending the day in Kentland, Indiana, due to severe weather. We have had rains, high winds, and even a tornado touch down not far from here. There are warnings stating that these winds could make it more difficult to drive and at particular risk are empty semis. Therefore, being that I am now snug and secure in an Indiana motel, I took it as a sign from the heavens that it would be fine to take a day to rest and write. I hope to leave in the morning for tomorrow is to be windy but clear. I'll check the weather later and make a final decision.
I wish to particularly thank "Jeff the Chicagoan" who warned me that this storm was coming and even offered his assistance if needed. I would also add that based on his answer to the previous flag quiz - he may move to the front of the class.


  1. Hey, Ray...
    It surely seems like you are flying through these states now, although I'm sure your feet do not feel like you are.

    Thanks for all the little history anecdotes...very interesting. Love the photos and encounters you have with people.

    Can you believe you have walked this distance!!! WOW! You should be proud of yourself...I know your readers are. :)

    Take care and best wishes for good weather and a good shoulder on the road.


  2. Hey Ray,
    This is Destiny Morgan, i go to cascade middle in Eugene Oregon and you had my sister Kayla Vinson. I just want to say that your are doing something amazing that most people cant say they acomplished.