Flag Quiz #7

What independent sovereign once flew this flag over part of the present United States and where?

Answer to flag quiz 6. The Union Jack of Britain. The Union Jack was modified in 1801 by adding a thin red cross (X) to represent the addition of Ireland with England, Scotland and Wales to form what is known as Britain’s United Kingdom.
This flag flew over much of the Great Lakes region until the War of 1812. It flew over Florida and southern Alabama, and Mississippi from 1763 to 1783. It flew over the Pacific Northwest in Washington and Oregon and it also flew over Hawaii which in those days were known as the Sandwich Islands so named by British Captain James Cook in the 1770's.


  1. Yup That's a Mexican Flag which flew over Texas, California and some of the sothwest for a couple of years till the USA got CA after it split into the Bare ...er Bear Replublic and Texas after it went Lone Star...State not Beer.
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