A Good Choice

Saturday,Oct. 9
The alarm went off several times as I lay considering whether this was indeed a proper plan of action. I decided it was, and after a quick shower and packing some gear, I soon found myself pushing into the warm darkness of the Iowa countryside. As I wheeled down the road marveling at the stars there was no doubt I had made the right choice. It was hard to believe that this now peaceful highway was the same I had found so recently harrowing by day. The 23 miles to Corydon were most enjoyable until daylight when a young man in a truck tried to run me off of the road. We exchanged “California Howdies” as I held my ground and he continued speeding past. It was a negative punctuation to an otherwise lovely walk.
Arriving in Corydon I had a breakfast at a local diner before checking into a cheap motel, watched some college football, and took a necessary nap. I wish to start even earlier tonight for the traffic begins before daylight. Perhaps being Sunday this will be unnecessary, but “better safe than sorry” - which is reason for my nocturnal Iowa traveling.

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