Flag Quiz #3

What national sovereignty is represented by this flag and over what section of our country did it once fly?

Answer to Question 2 - France. The flag was called the "Fleur Dis Lis" and the origin of the images are unknown. Are they flowers, weapons, or perhaps frogs?

France at one time claimed lands from Eastern Canada running south along the western edge of the Appalachian Mountains to the Gulf States extending westward to the Rocky Mountains.

Did you know?
- the Rocky Mountains at one time were called the Stoney Mountains.
- the first French settlement in North America was Fort Caroline in Florida, 1564. The Spanish later established St. Augustine in 1565 and marched north along the beach and attacked the French driving them out. Therefore St. Augustine can now claim the title of the oldest permanent European settlement in the United States.
- French-English land claim conflicts would directly lead to American independence.
- history is alive and present today. This is the reason they still speak French in Canada and Louisiana.


  1. My students took a history test study on the causes of the American Revolution. Essay question number 1 was:

    "Describe how the French and Indian War led to the American Revolution. (Demonstrate that you know the link between both wars.)

  2. Whoops, the sentence above should read that they took a history test "TODAY", not "study". (But by the looks of their essays so far, I'm please to say that they did indeed study for the test today. :)