Two Steps Forward - One Step Back

Friday, October 1
It is hard to believe it is now October. I haven’t been paying much attention to the calendar choosing instead to focus on each day as it comes. I can say that it does make me want to quicken my step but I am already going at my limit. The great weather has been a blessing and I hope that it continues into the coming autumn.
I got up at 4:30 this morning and quietly left the house. Out in the cool darkness of the early morning I had a feeling of freedom as I walked along and dogs barked at me with impunity. I had gone four miles and felt that nothing could stop my early jump on the day and then it hit me - I had left my prescription sunglasses on the coffee table!
For about a minute I went into denial thinking of ridiculous ways that I might retrieve them before accepting the obvious - I had to turn around and walk four miles and then return another four back to where I stood. Ouch!!!!! I cannot explain how frustrating the thought was but there was no way around it. Forgetfulness on my part had caused me an extra eight miles of walking! Well, I faced it like an mature adult, parked my cart off the road trusting that no one would bother it, and headed backwards. I tried to hitch-hike with a couple passing cars and was almost run off the road. I cannot blame them for rushing by - I would not have picked me up either. Perhaps my host Steve would be awake and I might get a ride back back to my cart cutting my pain in half. Unfortunately, he was not and I had no choice but to cover the entire distance. Think about it - I had to walk the same four mile route three times. Once again, life is a roller coaster. The unexpected is always waiting for us, so if possible - “be like water” and try to go with the flow. Though frustrating I can say I passed this test and three hours later I was back at my cart. Can I say it one more time? Ouch!
As I began again, I should have just accepted that the day’s milage would be less than planned but instead I doubled my efforts. I would walk faster, take less breaks, and put more hours in my day to make up for the morning loss - not smart. I paid the price as I was the most tired I have been since being in the Rockies. Arriving in Unadilla I found an isolated place to camp at the edge of town where they burn their community leaves and wood debris - which was currently smoldering. I was so tired I didn’t care and woke up smelling like a smudge pot for the wind had shifted in the night. Oh well, life is a continuous adventure.

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