An Uplifting Day

September 30
Before leaving Crete I stopped at a hardware store to buy a washer for one of my mirrors. It is such a small item that I was embarrassed to ask for assistance but a woman was quite happy to help. While interacting I told her about my walk and before I knew it, I had several employees including the manager listening as I explained the importance of our constitution. Thirty minutes later I felt I had sincerely made new friends. The manager, Dan Papik, was particularly interested and also apologetic that the school had not responded to my offer. I cannot thank him enough for his generosity and the interest he had in my message.
On the way out of town I was approached by a reporter from the Crete News with an interview request (Dan had evidently called the newspaper) and I happily obliged. In addition to the interview, she took several pictures of me talking with some local citizens and I left Crete feeling renewed in spirit.
Toward evening as I began wondering where I would camp for the night, I entered the small town of Roca - population 220. While passing the village tavern (the only establishment in the town) some men offered to buy me a cold beer and I accepted their offer. A half hour later a reporter showed up and I was soon being interviewed by another Nebraska newspaper. (The owner had called the local press unbeknownst to me). The reporter and I spent quite a while talking and then went outside for some pictures. This represented two newspapers in one day - a first for me on this trip.
I later inquired where I might pitch my tent and a local man insisted I sleep on the couch at his home and he would grill some chicken for dinner - which he did. Another act of generosity by a stranger.


  1. Heard about your visit after-the-fact via the Crete News. Wish we had known you were coming. The Nebraska Campaign for Liberty would have happily aided you on your way (and some of us might have even walked along to keep you company for a while). Glad to hear that your visit in my hometown of Crete was a friendly one. Our hardware store is unsurpassed in its customer service!