* Across Southern Iowa to the Mississippi and Illinois


  1. Ray -

    The days are getting shorter and colder and you are often in our thoughts.

    The stories of people you have encountered as well as your descriptions of geography and local customs are wonderful.

    I especially like the grandmother in the older car with three children who stopped to listen to your presentation after she lined them up by the car.

    Another story I liked was about Sheriff Madison in Nebraska who was checking for people wanted by the law. He thought perhaps you could be one of them or a terrorist. Your students would have loved this one!

    Be safe -- Louise

  2. Yes, I love the police encounters so much. I cannot wait to see the final count as to how many officers you meet. What are you planning to do in the more populous states? Are you just going to avoid the big cities or can you at some of these points. I was just worried about traffic etc.