The Goal - Illinois in Six

Friday Evening, Oct. 8
I have studied the map and have set a goal of crossing the Mississippi River in six days. Now that the communities are becoming more regular I plan to use them to my advantage similarly to stepping on stones over a brook. All but one are between 20 - 25 miles apart and this represents a more sane way to travel - at least for now. On the very positive - the weather has been beautiful and as they say, I had better make hay while the sun is shining for I know that eventually the rain will come.
Now where is that darn flashlight!

And by the way - I was wrong about the coyotes. They are still here in abundance having heard their chorus of yapping as I walked along in the early morning.

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  1. We are due they say a real rainstorm here in Oregon Tonight and most of the weekend. I will be thinking of you enjoying the fall sunshine. Wishing it would stay here a little longer.....