Can you spell Mississippi?

Tuesday, Wednesday, October 12, 13
I had walked to Farmington from Cantril and found a most lovely campsite - Indian Creek. It ranked as a 9 on a scale of 10 being located in an lovely oak grove on the top of the hill overlooking the Des Moines River. Before leaving town I stopped at a local restaurant for breakfast and then on to Fort Madison, Iowa, at the edge of the Mississippi. As much as I wished to cross the river yesterday there was really no place to stay on the Illinois side so I suppressed my anticipation for one more day knowing that it was still going to be there.
So today is now the day. I am leaving the motel and after finding a grocery store - I shall look for the Mississippi River figuring it will be hard to miss.
This divide represents a major milestone and I find it hard to believe that I have walked here from an Oregon beach.
Here I go.

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  1. keep on truckin' Ray.
    We read your blog as a family almost every night.
    Impressive how far you have traveled.
    Take Care,
    Lisa and Ella Bateman