Decatur Detour

Thursday, October 21
I remember an old quote, "If you have nothing to say then you probably shouldn't." Therefore, this post will be short.
The roads are making me schizophrenic. I can be going along enjoying a bike lane and then "presto" - it's gone and it's right back to the "I hope this next passing truck doesn't kill me." It is hard to imagine going to all the way to the Atlantic Ocean traveling like this for it really is quite stressful. I believe the ideal situation might be to travel an expressway for they all have paved shoulders. This would not be as intimate of a walk but my number one concern continues to be my physical safety. I suppose another alternative is to walk the more remote "country bumpkin" routes which would have less traffic but would also require additional milage. We'll see how it plays out.
Not much new to report about Illinois - lots of flat farm acreages broken up periodically by some wooded hills. I made it to McClean yesterday and a childhood friend and former neighbor, Kathy Hibbits, picked me up and brought me to Decatur where she lives. She tried unsuccessfully to get me into the schools but did have success with a Decatur television news station. They would like me to come in for a studio interview dressed in costume. I have been on television in the past but this studio interview represents another first.
I plan to leave tomorrow morning after getting some supplies - groceries, Starbucks instant coffee, and more bike lights! The weather report is calling for rain on Saturday and if so, this will be a change. I find it unbelievable that I have walked from the Pacific Ocean through most of Illinois with but one day of rain.
By the way, especially to my friends in Oregon with its inflated house prices, how much do you think the house pictured is selling for?
3.6 acres and a barn


  1. My Nephew lives in Mclean county in Illinois, We are getting rain here for the next several days after about a week of Gorgeous fall weather. I hope you don't get too many rain showers before you reach your goal.

  2. Great to see you on tv Ray. I do find it amazing that you haven't had more rain either. But that is a good thing. Hope you can stay ahead of it if possible. We haven't had rain in at least 6 weeks maybe you should have come through Texas??? LOL! We really like to see how far you have gone and the kids check Cyndi's map and try to figure out when you'll be where. Hope you have a great weekend:)

    Sharon & Ronnie

  3. Enjoyed this. In some of the photos you look so much like your dad, my cousin,Tom, when he was younger.

    I am Alice Weeks, cousin of Helen [Edds]Frazier and T.R. Edds

    I also taught school, upper Elementary grades.
    i see a greaet boook coming out of this. Persevere.