A Personal Record - 43 miles and $100

Wednesday, October 7
I was on the road at 3:15 AM and pulled or pushed until 7:30 that evening. I was fortunate that several North-South arteries had siphoned off many of the trucks leaving me more opportunity to stay on the road (I can always start over with new police). Around 7:00 A.M. I pushed my cart into Bedford, Iowa and stopped at a cafe and ate a hearty breakfast. Before leaving I introduced myself to a couple of older men and we talked awhile. They both seemed rather pessimistic about the country today and I shortly excused myself. Before leaving town I stopped at the gas station to buy some batteries and was welcomed by a man who saw my cart (much friendlier than the previous two) and I soon found myself sitting around a table talking with five others - including a county magistrate. I thought they would provide a jackpot of opinions but I found that they mostly wanted to listen to me. The friendly guy asked me to stay longer and be interviewed by their newspaper but I was disappointed by their lack of response and I also had many miles yet to travel, so I politely declined.
Walking down the road I was feeling a bit depressed when the town reporter pulled up in her truck asking for an interview. This perked me up a bit and shortly afterwards a man stopped his van, got out, and and asked, "What's this all about?" I explained my mission and after speaking he handed me a fresh $100 bill and wished me well. I had been feeling emotionally low and so appreciated his kindness that I was moved to tears. This is the way this whole trip has been - just when I begin to question myself, my goals, or whatever - something happens to buoy my flagging spirits. It has been miraculous in this way.
Feeling uplifted - I put the "pedal to the metal" with renewed energy and hauled forward entering Mount Ayr around 7:30. I walked into a store and asked where I might camp and was told of a place two miles down the road. I was so tired at that moment that these few miles seemed impossible. I instead crossed  the street to a truck stop and without asking permission,  erected my tent behind a large dumpster and crawled in for the night.
Check the map yourself - from just outside Clarinda to Mount Ayr, Iowa.

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  1. Hello Ray,
    You don't know me, but I live across the street from your Aunt Avis and I want you to know that I think you are a very brave fellow and I just wish that our country had lots more patriots just like you. Keep your chin up, we are pulling for you here in Texas and just wishing that we had the gumption, strength, guts and youth that you do to pull this off.
    Dorothy Newberry
    Tyler, Tx