Thursday Afternoon, October 14
Once on the Illinois side of the river, I decided to change my planned route based on the advice of Officer Morgan. I now turned south on Route 93 and paralleled the Mississippi heading toward the little town of Nauvoo, Illinois - a town of profound historical importance.
The walk began somewhat hilly but soon flattened out and with a blue sky and an autumn sun overhead I felt on top of the world knowing that I had just passed a major milestone of my journey. Nauvoo was not far distant and I arrived in time to visit the grand Mormon temple located high on a prominence overlooking the Mississippi facing west toward Salt Lake City. It was from Nauvoo, Illinois, that the Mormons began their famous exodus west and obviously this site has historical significance to them as well as all Americans. After this visit, I headed to a beautiful state park in town and camped for the night.
Remember - there is no "noise" in Illinois.

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