Flag Quiz #4

This flag represented a national sovereignty that once claimed territory on a section of the current United States.
Can you name it and the area it ruled?

Answer to flag quiz #3 - the Netherlands.
The Dutch founded New Amsterdam (New York City) and New Netherlands (the greater New York region) and ruled it for 49 years. Their claims were based on the 1609 explorations of Henry Hudson, who was employed by the Dutch East India Company. Hudson also discovered the great river that still bears his name - the Hudson. The Dutch eventually lose New York to the British and in exchange receive Suriname (commonly called Dutch Guiana) in South America which they controlled until 1975.
Many Dutch influences and names are retained in New York as well as the United States in general.
Did you know?
- that it was the Dutch who introduced "ten pins" (bowling) to America and bowlers are still known as keglers.
- that knickers were baggy pants that ended just above the knees?
- that Knickerbockers were descendants of the original Dutch settlers - hence the NBA's New York Knickerbockers.
- that most people with the surname beginning with Van are Dutch, such as Rip Van Winkle in Washington Irving's story. It is from this story we get the term "ripped" meaning drunk.
-that the Dutch were known for their "short arms and deep pockets" meaning they tended to save their money. Therefore "going Dutch" means "I'll pay for mine and you pay for yours."
-Henry Hudson, along with his teenage son and six loyal followers, was set adrift in a lifeboat during a mutiny and never were seen again.

Who said history was boring?

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  1. For the current flag, my guess is Sweden (in Delaware.)