Windy Walks and Colder Days

Thursday, October 28
Today was the first cold day that I’ve had. I’ve had cold mornings and I’ve had cold evenings, but I’ve always been able to walk in midday with short pants and short sleeves - today at midday I wore gloves and a warm windbreaker.
I actually do not mind the cold and prefer it to being hot. A little cold seems to adds a vigor to everything and it is easy to control your body's heat with layered clothing.
Nothing new to report as I continue to explore Western Indiana. So far it looks a lot like Illinois - flat farm fields, big acreages, big machinery, and lots of corn! Lots of corn.
I’m staying in Monticello, Indiana and hope to be in Logansport tomorrow.

Wednesday, October 27
The storm had passed but its tailwinds remained with gusts up to 55 miles per hour. I could have rationally stayed another day in Kentland but for what purpose? The sun was now out, the skies were blue, and I had the urge to start walking - therefore I tied down my hat and stepped into the day. As I walked the eighteen short miles to Remington I confess they were lengthened a bit by my zigging and zagging as the wind tossed me happily about.

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  1. Amazing wind video....I think I heard your voice in the background, but couldn't quite pick it up.....because of, well, the wind!!!