An Ambassador of One

Tuesday, August 10
Ate a great breakfast taking advantage of an “all you can eat” buffet before hiking to the next campground at Bridge Bay. The walk today was along the western shore of Yellowstone Lake and for some reason this day became one of talking to many foreign visitors about my mission and about the American Bill of Rights.
I have not addressed this issue enough to give a sense of how many people stop to talk and inquire about just what it is I'm up to. Everyday, cars stop in curiosity sometimes giving me money and always giving support. One interesting aspect of being in Yellowstone is that there are Americans from all over the country visiting here as well as international visitors. At times I feel like an mini-ambassador representing our country to foreigners.
Just today:
- two women from Virginia gave me $7.00 and lots of encouragement.
- I talked to a French family and gave them a copy of the Bill of Rights and my card. They were very interested in my cause.
- a Brazilian woman and I talked for quite a while. Her husband gave me $20 and they both wished me luck.
- I talked to some Middle Easterners visiting Yellowstone. They were inquisitive and made their adult son translate what I said so that they could understand. I gave them a copy of the Bill of Rights (which they had never heard of).
- a woman from Marin, CA gave me some nutrient bars and a bottle of water. She said she had heard of me and already had been on my blog site.
- a family car stopped and said they had seen me on the news and gave me $20.
- a guy on a Harley-Davidson turned around to hear my story. He gave me $20 and told me he never turns his bike around but for two things and I was one of them. (He didn't tell me what the other was. Hmmm ?)
- a Yellowstone tour bus stopped and the driver asked me if I’d be willing to talk to the passengers. They all got out (foreign and domestic passengers) and I gave them a 10 minute history lesson and all copies of the Bill of Rights.
-while passing over a a small bridge, a group of people had lined both sides of the road to clap and cheer as I went walked by. That act brought a tear to my eye.
This is just a peek into what I experience with people daily. Everyone has been so positive! I have literally not had a negative encounter with anyone - really.
Gee, I feel all warm inside thinking about it.

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  1. At least they're not trying to hit you with their cars... or bikes...

    GO MR. BROWN!!!

    --Margaret Hibdon