Hot and Dry Again

Monday, August 16
Left Cody, Wyoming, after a good restaurant breakfast and walked south-east on Highway 120 heading toward Thermopolis. This route is more desolate than Highway 20 but as it is 40 miles shorter it is well worth it.
I saw my first herd of antelope this morning - I counted thirteen of them as they ran in the distance.
For the first time in a while no one stopped or inquired about what I am doing. It always makes for a little loneliness when I have a day without an inquiry or conversation with someone.
Camped for the evening in an access pull-off for a pasturage.
Nothing of real interest to report.

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  1. Ha ha. I don't know why but whenever I read your blog, it reminds me a journal entry that explorers would have.

    You rock Mr. Brown!

    --Margaret Hibdon