Highway Construction Issue

Thursday Morning, Aug. 5
I have just learned that there is a four mile stretch of massive road construction at the top of the mountain near Wind River Pass on Highway 26 and this now represents an additional issue. I was informed by a highway worker that the construction crew cannot let me walk through the site - it's the law in Wyoming. Therefore I have three choices:
1. Let them drive me the four miles and drop me off at the other side. My goal has been to walk every step of the way across the United States and I would probably view this as some sort of defeat.
2. I can take a five mile gravel road around the site. This is a problem for two reasons: one - because it extremely difficult to be hauling my trailer/cart up and down gravel roads, and two - he warned me I have a much better chance of meeting a grizzly bear by going this route.
3. They do not work on Sundays. If I can plan my walk so that I go though the construction site on Sunday I can walk though it.

At this time, I am opting toward choosing #3. That leaves me today, Friday, and Saturday to get there and that may alter my plans for Teton Park. I need to think this one through yet.
Always an issue - remember to be like water.

Two additional footnotes:
1. I have experienced two small earthquakes while sitting in my motel. I asked the clerk about this and she said it happens all the time in this geological area. No one seems to even notice or pay attention as they are a regular occurrence.
2. I am now beginning my second pair of shoes. I could have stretched my original pair a bit longer but they were pretty ragged on the inside and smelly too. My wife Cynthia sent them to me via the motel knowing that I would be here. A big thanks to her!


  1. Ray,

    I met you while patrolling the bike path in Teton Park yesterday and warned you about the presence of a bear having been spotted up the road from where you were on your way to Jenny Lake Campground.

    Thanks for giving me your card with your blog info. Sounds like we have a lot in common having both been history teachers and I do admire your spunk in attempting to walk across America and continuing to inform and teach the "lessons" of history by sharing copies of the Bill of Rights.

    Do be careful crossing Togwotee Pass on Sunday. There will likely be plenty of traffic up there so you shouldn't be far from help if anything goes awry. Probably a wise choice not to take the bypass gravel road and risk an unwelcomed visit from a "Momma Grizzly" unless you know Sara Palin is willing to stay there with you to negotiate with her for you! :-(

    I'll check in periodically to see where you are and how things are going. Wyoming is high, wide, and windy, so you are going to be crossing a lot of sparsely populated wide open country heading East from Dubois. Take it easy and bring along a good supply of liquids as you are going to need them!

    Wishing you good luck and a safe and memorable experience that not many in our country ever have an opportunity to have. You are a true blue blooded American and I'm glad our paths crossed even for the brief time we had to chat yesterday!

    Vance Carruth
    Jackson Hole, Wyoming

  2. Wow. You are in Wyoming!
    The construction problem must suck.
    Well, good luck on the rest of your journey.

  3. Ray - I have been following your travels by way of your journal entries as you travel across the country. Your notes are better reading than the A.B. Guthrie book, The Way West!

    After teaching with you for years in the classroom next door, I know how you have always made history come alive for even the most reluctant of learners.

    You are taking the message of our constitution and the B8ill of Rights into the countryside where it will touch other lives as you have touched ours.

    With admiration and respect,
    Your faithful colleague


  4. Ray,

    Ron and Danielle and I will be driving from Eugene to Bloomington, Indiana beginning Monday, August 9. Not sure if our paths will cross, but we are driving the northern route through South Dakota and will stop in Minnesota for a day to visit Ron's childhood before heading southeast to Bloomington. On our way back we will dip south and go through Oklahoma, Texas, New Mexico and then up to see the Grand Canyon. Danielle is beginning a Ph.D program in Bloomington in August studying biological anthropology, so we are driving her and some of her belongings out there.

    We have also been following your blog. We print it out every couple days for Mom (Louise) because she still doesn't have a computer. She loves reading about your adventures. She is one very devoted fan.


  5. Ray,
    Best wishes for your safety as you travel through this area. Your courage to even undertake this cross-country walk, let alone face the possiblity of grizzlies, is admirable.

    Your blog is addicting. I hate to actually break down after all these years and give you a compliment, but you write very well. :)

    My parents are really enjoying reading about your adventures, also.

    Take Care,
    Pat from Crestline, Ohio

  6. You Rock! =) I have always thought that having an adventure like the one you are on is something I wanted to do in my lifetime...I will have to live through you for the time being. Keep on, keeping on! Big HUGS from the Rodby Ohana~(Eugene, OR)
    Oh yeah Ikaika and Kekoa say HI!

  7. The Hernandez FamilyAugust 13, 2010 at 8:30 PM


    Hopefully you are doing well and not intaking too many noxious fumes from your shoes. I especially enjoyed your flashback on that one.

    I shared your blog with my Oregon Writing Project class and all are awed by your vision and quest. We are following your journey(with grease pencil) on a map so Jesse can see where you are, and learn some geography in the meantime.

    Take care and air out those shoes!