Leaving Casper in the Morning

Saturday Night, August 28
After a second full day of rest and reorganizing in Casper, I will be taking Highway 20 east in the morning. It is always fun to begin again.


  1. well Im glad you are having so much fun out there. Im glad you are doing this, it is such a great thing.

  2. Ray so good to finally be able to sit down and read about how you are doing. Cyndi gives us little updates though. Wyatt & Sam are back in school. Looking forward to hearing more! We tell everyone we meet about your travels. Keep on truckin!

  3. I miss you so much! im glad your not dead yet everyone els at school says you are at least most of the kids lol i knew you wernt. how have you been? well i hope sorry i havent contacted you sooner some crazy stuff has been happening in my life that i need your help to figure out! miss and love you!
    -tanisha williamson

  4. Hey Ray,
    First day back with kids. Year 36 for me, and I'm out after this year too. Just wanted you to know, and everyone else who reads this that Lil, my wife, googled NPR and Oprah today to tell them of your journey, and see if they'd be interested in interviewing you. If more people did the same, I'm sure they'll be more interested. So everyone out there, let's let Oprah, NPR, and any other large network shows know about this amazing journey that Ray Brown is taking.
    I'll call you tomorrow morning bud,

  5. I second that call, Ken. I think this definitely merits national attention.

    PS: Ray, I'm curious how you decide when to pitch a tent and when to check into a hotel.