In Yellowstone National Park

Sunday, August 8
This day was to be a butt buster as I walked the distance to Lewis Lake, which is the first camping available in Yellowstone. Basically, it was put the “pedal to the metal” in order to get there before dark.
Unfortunately, my cell phone’s battery went dead just as I entered Yellowstone after taking but one picture of me at the entrance and nothing more for the next two days. I’m not sure if I’ve mentioned this but all of my pictures are taken with an Apple IPhone. I have no zoom or wide angle focus - it’s all just point and shoot like the cameras of old but with better results. For whatever reason, my solar charger does not seem to be working and hence the battery issue.
Arriving at the entrance to Yellowstone it was already late afternoon and the ranger told me hitching a ride in the park is legal and perhaps I wanted to do that. I informed her that I was walking every step and began the uphill climb into the park to Lewis Lake. Arriving just before dark I was able to set up camp in the one remaining site. Being quite tired I ate and went to sleep grateful to be in Yellowstone.

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