All's Well that Ends Well

Thursday, August 26
I slept the night basically in a ditch along the road and was ready to get to Casper, pick up my package, and find a motel. The last five nights “in the field” have been a record of sorts. I was eight nights without a motel when I went through the National Parks but I was able to shower at Grant’s Village - something I have not been able to do in six days.
I stopped at the first restaurant at the edge of Casper and nearly overdid it - omelet, potatoes, pancakes, orange juice - I was ready to burst walking out the door.
Next stop - the main Casper post office. The package was there and I repaired my trailer on the spot with people watching and talking to me all the while. I was grateful to have it fixed again. Thank you Don Nordin!
Next - finding a motel and all the ensuing necessities - shower, shave, laundry, etc.
I’m so tired I just want to nap.

By the way - today is my wife's birthday.
Happy birthday Cynthia.


  1. Yay! It worked out after all! :)

    Happy birthday Cynthia, too! : D

    ---Margaret Hibdon

  2. Happy birthday Cynthia!!!

    Good luck on the rest of your journey