Back to the Dust and Dirt

Sunday, August 14
I spent yesterday just appreciating a shower and a place to stay. I washed my clothes, washed my sleeping bag, and even washed my tent. I have eaten regular meals and showed up at Bubba's BBQ last night matching the many overweight patrons bite for bite. I was so full I could hardly go to sleep - but I did.
Today, I tried to update my blog with notes from my journal and hopefully I am now "up to date" and may start the process again.
My plans are to leave Cody in the morning and either take Highway 20 to Greybull and then to Thermopolis, or Highway 120 which is more remote but shorter. Either way, it will probably remind me of Idaho and Eastern Oregon for it is supposed to be dry, desolate, and windy. Hopefully whichever way I go, the wind will be to my back.
Happy Trails!

1 comment:

  1. Ahhhh... the good old dirt roads. It'll sure feel like home again.

    --Margaret Hibdon