The Bear Facts

Thursday August 12
Met a man in the morning that was a film maker who worked for National Geographic. We had a nice conversation and he pointed out an otter he had been filming as well as a bald eagle sitting on a snag across the lake. He was a pleasant man to talk to and in leaving, he warned me of grizzlies and to have bear spray with me at all times in this area. Like on old Westerner, I quickly pulled mine out of my side pocket to show him I was prepared - sort of.
I ended hiking my rear off today distance wise but the good news was that it was almost all down hill coming out of Yellowstone. I had looked on the map and had several places picked out to camp but unfortunately due to the number of grizzly bears in the area, only hard shelled campers were allowed for many miles outside the park. Tents and pop-up trailers are not allowed to camp due to the danger. Oh great. Now what? The reader needs to understand that these campgrounds are usually good distances apart and what seems like nothing while driving down the road can be a heck of a distance when one is walking.
Rejected campground #1
Rejected campground #2
Rejected campgroune #3
Rejected campgournd #4
In desperation I ask a local couple in a truck where I might find a place to place my tent. I was told of Newton Campground five miles up the road.
It turned out to be seven but to me it was heaven.

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