Down From the Mountain - Into a Rain

Tuesday, Aug. 3
I had gone to bed under a starry sky and much had changed while I slept. My alarm was set for 3:45 but I awoke instead to lightening and thunder. As I obviously did not want to be at the top of a mountain with these conditions, I hurried to break camp and make the trek to Jackson in the valley below.
I was almost to the valley floor when the rain began. At first I thought it might pass and hesitated to put on my rain gear - big mistake. The rain only continued to increase so I had no choice but to stop and change, but by now I was totally wet! I had no sooner finished changing my clothes when another Wyoming state policeman stopped to question me. (He represents stop #6 for those of you keeping count.) Wet, tired, and cranky, I was not in the mood to stand there answering his questions through a rolled down window while it rained. A bit impatient with this interruption I was cool until his questions led to, "Where would I be staying and how long would I be there?" At that point I asked him if he was"writing a book" which took him back a bit. I immediately felt bad and apologized and he did also. We had a friendly parting for he was just another policeman doing his job and as a lover of liberty - I was doing mine.
The rest of the walk to Jackson was uneventful and I finally arrived at the motel where I had previously made reservations. I spent the day doing errands and various chores.

An additional note:
When in Jackson last week, I reserved a room at a specific motel located near the town square so I would have easy access to it. This small park is a tourist "hot spot" with vacationers from across the United States visiting daily as well as foreign visitors. This famous park has large arbor-like entrances made of elk antlers and everyone gets their picture taken there - its a given. Therefore this represents the best opportunity thus far to dress as a "Son of Liberty" and talk to people. I am going to get up early, dress in costume, and take my cart to the park. For at least part of the day I will stand there talking to people while passing out copies of the Bill of Rights.
Wish me luck.

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  1. Just reading the question from the officer made me think that out police DO sound friendlier. Wonder if they wave to people who wave to them...

    I don't know, I thought about this while looking at photos of eighth grade. Even if you have the chance to, never cut off your ponytail!

    Good luck! :)

    -Margaret Hibdon