Great Expectations

Wednesday, August 25
With eager anticipation I looked forward to getting to a cluster of houses called Powder River, Wyoming, containing a small post office. Today is the day the replacement piece for the trailer was to arrive and I could hardly wait to get there. As I strode up to the clerk I said, “If everything is working correctly I should have a package here with my name on it.”
Her reply? “Well, I guess things aren’t working for I have nothing here for you.”
Ouch - anticipation followed by disappointment.
With her helpful assistance, we tracked the package down. It was on its way to Casper and we were able to have it held there so that I might pick it up the following day.
I am reminded of two expressions:
“No expectations - no disappointments.”
“Laugh and the world laughs with you - cry and you cry alone.”

Please excuse me while I find a private place to cry.

1 comment:

  1. Ah, poor Brown. :( I'm sad for you now. :( If I was there, you would of gotten a big "feel better" hug. :(

    ---Margaret Hibdon