Random Thoughts II

I’ve now walked over 1,100 miles.

There is a lot of similarity between Wyoming drivers and those of Southern California. They both travel great distances and are in a hurry to get there. It’s just that one is suburban and one is rural.

I’d forgotten about horseflies and deer flies - ouch

The Rockies are behind me. Like so oftentimes in life we worry about things that don’t need to be.

No offense to all you Harley guys, but I believe my dream of being a Harley owner is now dead. If I had dollar for every loud Harley that deafened me - hundreds of them roaring through the National Parks on their way from Sturgis, South Dakota - I’d be a rich man. From now on, I’m hoping for a quiet BMW or Honda.

I saw a pronghorn antelope crawl through an opening under a fence instead of jumping over it and this surprised me. I thought it would bound over it like a deer.

Slowing down and letting go of the digital world takes a while for it is not the flip of a switch but rather a process.

Yellowstone and the Grand Tetons together seem to serve as the heartbeat of our lower 48 states. These parks exist today only due to the vision and forethought of peoples past. What visions do we have for our future generations? What legacy do we wish to leave?

Noticed the streams are flowing a different directions after crossing the Continental Divide - duh!.

The Wyoming terrain seems to have slightly more ground cover than Idaho or Eastern Oregon.

I began my second pair of shoes back in Jackson.

Our country needs a wake up call - we’ve become overweight, lazy, and complacent.

There are special camping sections in the national parks reserved for bicyclist and hikers. Therefore, the sign at the entrance may say “Full” but there is almost always a space available if you’re walking through.

Milage markers - love them or hate them. They are convenient to log the miles but it can also seem like a long distance between each one if you pay too much notice.

Thus far, the people in Wyoming seem to wave the least.

There are pieces of tires all over the road. It could be dangerous if a truck recap let fly as it passed.

I consume about 1.5+ gallons of water a day.

It’s hard to describe the feeling of freedom while walking along with everything working well.

There’s always something positive on down the road.


  1. I really like to read your random though posts. : )

    Keep up the good work! You are now officially one of my three heroes: Meriwether Lewis, Steve Irwin, and now, you!

    --Margaret Hibdon

  2. Ya and the Harley guys and gals actually wear earplugs so THEY don't go DEAF from all of their noise pollution. SO sad...Thank god they have left Sturgis and are home .. Take care Ray, Alison G.