From South Jenny Lake to Colter Bay

Saturday, August 7
I’ve had such a great time here in the Tetons I’ve decided to continue north and to walk through Yellowstone National Park. I had thought about doing this when I planned my trip but decided against it for two reasons: the additional distance and time required, and walking alone through grizzly bear country. Well, I now have the additional time and since Highway 26 also has grizzlies (which I hadn’t known before), I may as well enjoy the latitude of walking through our country’s most famous national park. I feel good about making this decision and find it exciting.
Hiked today to Colter Bay Village on Jackson Lake. When the ranger saw I was walking across the country he told me to “Put your money away” when I tried to pay him the camping fee. Cool. Not much else to report other than the views of the Tetons were spectacular.
By the way: I didn't know that grizzlies were in the Tetons, too, did you?

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