Welcome to Grand Teton National Park

Thursday, August 5
It was almost noon before I was on the road - had to pack, eat, and buy some last minute things for I was not sure where the next place representing “civilization” would be. On the way out of town I was stopped by the Highway Patrol (stop #7) and was asked to walk on the opposite side of the road facing traffic. I complied for a couple of hours.
My plan was to walk east on Highway 26 but the farther north I went the more beckoning the Tetons became. Looking at the map it would be but a slight detour to walk through Grand Teton National Park and it would also provide some excellent places to camp. I therefore made a sound decision and entered the Park.
The first place for camping was South Jenny Lake eleven miles away. Though this was farther than I preferred, it provided a majestic panoramic view as I walked along the road in the late afternoon. I cannot describe, but I can assure you, that I had a deep sense of well being as I walked along the road. I was truly in a zen moment - the sun, the mountains, the flora, and me moving like a well oiled machine - it was a great moment to be alive.

Thanks are in order to:
- the couple from Belize for their support and encouragement and also for their donation.
- Vance Curruth, the Teton Park volunteer who warned me of the Grizzly bear that was just up the road, and for the conversation shared.
- the bicyclist from Maine, who told me to stand strong and wish me luck after an interesting conversation about health care.

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