Lions and Tigers and Bears - Oh My!

Wednesday Evening, Aug. 4
I plan to begin walking toward Teton National Park to spend some time there and then continue eastward on Highway 26. Luckily, I have a friend of a mutual acquaintance living in Crowheart, Wyoming which is 116 miles from here. I am planning to spend the night when I finally get there but I'm not exactly sure when that will be.
The internet may be out for some time and if so, I will be unable to blog. If you look at a map of Highway 26 from the Teton Park area you will see it is rather remote. And speaking of remote - I have been very seriously warned about bears. I have been told by several knowledgable people that I am about to begin walking through grizzly country which I did not expect when I began. In my planning I thought that by skirting to the south of Yellowstone I would only have to deal with black bears - but I was seriously wrong. It makes me wonder if I should go on to Yellowstone where there will at least be more people. Camping alone in a little tent with bears prowling around will definitely keep me spooked. In preparation I have bought bear spray, I will keep a clean camp with my food stored away from the area, and I will definitely sleep with one eye open. I am sure some of you reading this from the comfort of your home may find this humorous - but for me - it seriously unnerves me as I enter this section of my walk. All I can do is continue forward and deal with each day as it comes. Hopefully, I will have some good stories for the grandchildren.
I think I read once that a grizzly can smell 500 times better than a human. I wonder if it can smell fear?
Just kidding - NOT!


  1. DEFINITELY do not think this is humorous, and glad that you are taking many precautions!! I will keep you in my prayers especially through this stretch of your journey!!! Hope all your good stories do not include bears!! Be safe!!

  2. No worries... brown bears find white guys too tough and chewy ;)

    I'm sorry... had to throw the humor in! Just want you to know we've been thinking of you!