An Oasis in the Desert

Tuesday, August 24
Today was a no frills “bear the load” sort of day. The trailer is much harder to pull than to push but I have no choice. Therefore, most of my day was exactly that - hard work. A young man stopped his car and hopped out saying, “There’s got to be a story here!” He worked for a radio station in Riverton, Wyoming, and was curious as to why I was walking in the middle of nowhere. He recorded our interview on video but I didn't catch the station he worked for. He was a rather humorous fellow and lifted my spirits before driving away.
I was running low on midday type food having only nutrition bars for fare when in Hiland - population 10, I found a desert oasis - a bar and a restaurant! It was like one of those old movies where the guy in the desert sees a mirage but my double buffalo burger with fries soon proved it real enough! I took a cheeseburger to go for tomorrow’s breakfast.
An additional note:
I started counting antelope today and after I got to 30 I thought people might think I was exaggerating. I’m not sure what you’ll think if I told you I quit counting after 90.
No kidding.

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  1. Hello. Its me you met in WY. Here is the interview...