Toss the Brakes!

Tuesday, August 17
The brakes on this contraption have been Achilles heels since the very beginning. The removed brake had dragged constantly and the other cannot be used without adjusting and readjusting. Over time it can develop an almost imperceptible drag that can go for miles unnoticed. This is the equivalent of adding weight to my load which I do not need at all. My concern had been coming down the eastern slopes of the Rockies, but as they are now behind me, I removed the remainder brake and I am now brakeless - it’s great. I haven’t felt this free since I first doffed my pajamas!
After twelve miles I came to the town of Meeteese, Wyoming. This sleepy little town was big news a week ago when they captured one of the escaped convicts from Arizona here. He was staying at the “Vision Quest” motel and was noticed by a woman attending church across the street who recognized him from the news. I talked to a resident about it and she said her son had given him a ride earlier and that he seemed like a nice fellow. His alibi was that his wife had left him after a fight in Yellowstone - took his car, keys, and wallet and just abandoned him there. She told me that Meeteese was crawling with federal agents for several days. As I type this, I understand that they finally caught the other two somewhere.
After another long day of walking I finally made camp in an area that was labeled “public land.” Being a member of the public, I looked around until I found a small spot with my name on it and set up camp for the night.
A male pronghorn antelope walked a complete circle around me later as I drank my tea. I was surprised by his curiosity and boldness.

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  1. Freedom! Yeah! I guess you're a REAL patriot now! :)