"There's a Killer on the Loose"

Monday, August 9
Arrived at Grant’s Village Campground and was glad for it. This is one of those upgraded campgrounds that has laundry and shower facilities and I was overdue for both. I can handle three days without a shower but after that it is something that is always on my mind - and probably other people’s too. While doing laundry it rained quite heavily - one of those torrents that cause the roof gutters to overflow. I was thankful to be inside doing my laundry but the sun was back by the time I was finished. I took this as a good omen and enjoyed dinner at a fancy restaurant on Yellowstone Lake. Feeling on top of the world, I headed back to camp when a friend called to warn me, “There’s a killer on the loose.” (Didn’t he steal that line from Jim Morrison and the Doors?). “Seriously Dude,” he said, “It’s on the news. There’s some prison escapees from Arizona heading to Yellowstone.”
Somehow I wasn’t worried about it.

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  1. Yeah... and the next thing you know while your typing one of them puts a gun to your head.

    Just kidding. Don't die out there!

    --Margaret Hibdon